Get to know the real Joe

Get to know the real Joe

Hi everyone, Joe here. For my very first blog i thought i would tell you a little bit about myself, just so you can get to know me a bit more. I have lived in Birmingham for 26 years which is in fact all of my life! I absolutely love living in Birmingham and as i live basically in the city centre, i have really got to know Birmingham personally. Everywhere i have ever been, i have either hated it or loved it, i find in Birmingham, there is no in between!


A few weeks back, i went to a restaurant (I won’t name names on this occasion) for lunch with to catch up with a friend and to my horror, the food has literally been warmed up as the mash was crusty on the top and everything was boiling hot on the outside and then ice cold on the inside, it was disgusting! I was so disgusted that i literally just got up and walked out with my friend promising never to go there ever again! I was so disappointed that i had wasted so much time in that restaurant!


After a few naughty words were said in my head, i decided that my blog idea wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all as i could steer the people of Birmingham away from bad restaurants and head them towards the good ones! As well as telling them the easiest and best way to get there and some of the best places to see and stay!


Keep an eye out for future posts, i have some great ones coming up for you! Stayed tuned!

Thanks everyone!