Fine dining at its best


Fine dining at its best

Hello everyone, anyone off out tonight? Just thought i would give you a little blog as to where you need to go if you want to have a night of fine dining and amazing food! So, the place you must go is ‘Fumo’, an award-winning Italian tapas restaurant. It is absolutely delightful! Fumo is a place to go and try the most amazing Italian food in Birmingham! It is a place where you get treated like celebrities and you are looked after all night by a waitor or waitress that will literally make sure your every need is met.

If you fancy a drink, the different ranges of beer are mouth wateringly good and the cocktails are just out of this world! It is a place that you can really relax and unwind but you can also really let go and have a brilliant, loud night! There is such a mix of different people in Fumo that you can literally go and enjoy it whatever mood you are in.

The food is absolutely to die for and if you go, make sure you try out the lamb cutlets, they’re phenomenal!

Thanks everyone.

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