How to get around in Birmingham

how to get around

As i live in Birmingham, people always seem to ask me what is the best way to get around! So, i thought i would do a little blog about it as i do know a few easy ways of getting around Birmingham if the place you want to go is not within walking distance of where you currently are because if you can walk (depending on the route you would have to take) walking is definitely the best option as you get to see the beautiful sites of Birmingham. But… like i said, if you can’t walk there, personally i would say the easiest and cheapest way of getting around is by bus! That being said, the bus times are not always when you want to travel and they are so unreliable if you need to get somewhere for a specific time! So… that being said, i personally believe that taxis are the best way to get in and around Birmingham, by far!

Birmingham Taxis are the taxi company that i use due to the taxi drivers being very polite and they are comfortable and cost-effective, perfect for getting around without breaking your bank! Getting in and around Birmingham can be so difficult! Especially if you are driving yourself as parking isn’t exactly a breeze! I would definitely recommend getting transport as it is so easy to just jump in and then jump out at your destination, no sweat!

Thanks everyone!

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