About Pinnacle 1

Welcome to my website, my name is Joe Dunn. On here, i will be giving you the best businesses of Birmingham! I thought of the name because i wanted something different, something that meant something but with different words being used! So, i came up with Pinnacle 1 Aviation.

What does Pinnacle mean?

Pinnacle can mean different things, all to do with height! So when someone says that they have reached the ‘pinnacle’ of their career, they mean that they have reached the height of their career. It can also be referred to as the highest point of something like the peak of a mountain.

What does Aviation mean?

Aviation is the term used for flying or operating an aircraft.

The two put together?

I decided to name my blog Pinnacle 1 Aviation because i can provide you with the best business (businesses at the peak of their niche) and the ones that are getting better by the day and they are definitely ones to use (businesses that are aiming to fly high) and the number one in between the two is just to symbolise that I only blog about the best. I know it is a little complicated but that’s just me all over.
I decided to do this blog to help the people of Birmingham out! I always used to struggle to find the best place to eat, the best and cheapest way to get there and the best places to visit or stay so i began researching places before i went and deciding what was best, then it hit me! I could help thousands of people out at the same time! So that is the reason for this blog page, it is just to give you a little helping hand.